Crane Scales & Weighing Tools in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Turn to R.D. JACOBS COMPANY for high-quality weighing tools in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Ensure you know the weight with accuracy when you turn to R.D. JACOBS COMPANY for weight measurement tools. We offer a compact crane weigher as well as a larger jumbo weigher for heavy lifting. Backed by extensive product knowledge, our goal is to ensure you get the products you need at the right price.

Mini Weigher

The Mini Weigher is a compact crane weigher suited for most lifting applications. Capacities range from 100kg to 5 tons. A very popular product since 1987, its features include push-button controls for units, tare, peak hold, preset tare, set point alarms, and an overload counter. The advanced microprocessor based electronics give the Mini Weigher Plus high-speed sample rates, resistance to industrial noise, and high stability. The lightweight design also includes corrosion-resistant finish and a fully featured display, making the Mini Weigher Plus one of the most popular crane scale choices on the market. The feature includes an RS-485 serial output. Learn more by clicking here.

Mini Weigher in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jumbo Weigher Plus in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jumbo Weigher Plus

The Jumbo Weigher Plus (JWP) is the most popular choice for heavy lifting applications. Capacity ranges from 11,000 lb/5,000 kg to 44,000 lb/20,000 kg. Straightpoint's JWP is a cost-effective alternative to the competition and a much safer option than low-cost crane weighers. The Jumbo Weigher Plus offers quality, capacity, accuracy, and safety at a lower price point and is a popular option worldwide for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Consistent with all of Straightpoint's products, the JWP has excellent electronics, build quality, proof testing, and calibration. This is a heavy-duty crane scale with high accuracy, and quality materials are used in manufacturing, including high strength aluminum alloy housing. The large and bright LED display can be read even in direct sunlight. The control panel is designed for use with gloved hands for easy from panel control. Learn more by clicking here.

Additional Wireless Features Available:
  • Signal Boosters
  • Base Stations
  • Led Wireless Displays