Reliable Wireless Dynamometers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Getting the best reading for the intense weight handled by industrial machinery requires the best equipment for the job. That’s why R.D. Jacobs Company is dedicated to providing companies with high-quality wireless dynamometers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When there are no wires, mobility is much easier for the staff members who regularly check the information on the massive weight being handled during construction projects. We’re a straight point authorized dealer, so our clients are guaranteed the best products.

Radiolink Plus Wireless Dynamometer

This product is built with aircraft-grade aluminum and meets the IP67/NEMA6 environmental protection standard, and still provides dependable readings every time. They offer a range of 700m/2300ft with an update rate of 3Hz and can be easily configured to run up to 200Hz. Combined with capacity limits that range from 2200lb/1000kg to 660000lb/300t, these products have been popularly used for many industrial projects.

Wireless Dynamometers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wireless Load Shackles

The Wireless Load Shackles are precise, proof-tested, and equipped with a hard-anodized aluminum enclosure for the electronics; they meet rigorous environmental protection standards and offer protections even without the battery cover plate. Our company offers in-stock models with capacities between 3.25t and 120t, and up to 1,550t for specific applications.

Wireless Load Shackles in Fort Lauderdale, FL